Using the awesome Marinara Timer for the Pomodoro Technique

The Marinara Timer for the Pomodoro Technique

The Marinara Timer is a web-based application for following the Pomodoro Technique.

In a prior post, I outlined the Pomodoro Technique®, and how it can help to improve your productivity, focus, and effectiveness.

I also provided suggestions for modifying the Pomodoro Technique’s default time blocks. This allows you to better align it with your own personal rhythms and work schedule.

I do not perform many reviews on my site of individual productivity tools, with the exception of Email techniques for Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. The reason is because productivity tools tend to rapidly change, get acquired by other tools, or suddenly disappear, so reviews are often outdated in only a few months. Instead, I prefer to focus on general approaches and techniques that can be used with any tool you wish (or even without tools if that is your preference!).

But there is one tool that I can recommend for maximizing your use of the Pomodoro Technique®:

The "Marinara Timer"!

What is the Marinara Timer?

The Marinara Timer is a simple, web-based timer that has three basic functions:

  • A “Pomodoro" timer which follows the standard Pomodoro Technique® time-blocks.

  • A "Customizable Time-Blocks” cycle timer.

  • A “Time-Boxing” count-down timer.

You can access the Marinara Timer by using this link:


When you launch the Marinara Timer, you are taken to the "Home" screen:

The Marinara Timer displays three Timer Options.

Marinara Timer Home Screen


1) Pomodoro Timer:

Marinara Timer - Pomodoro Option

This is the traditional Pomodoro Technique® timer:

  • A 25-minute work period followed by a 5-minute break.

  • After the fourth Pomodoro, you have a longer 15-minute break.  

  • This 4 period cycle then repeats.


2) Custom Timer:

Marinara Timer - Custom Timer Option

This timer allows you to create as many custom time periods as you wish. You can even create a name for each period, and define its length in hours, minutes and seconds.  

I use this timer option to create the customized work-break time periods I outlined in my prior post. (Note: The above screenshot shows my custom timer periods.)


3) Kitchen Timer:

Marinara Timer - Kitchen Timer Option

This is a simple count-down, or “time-boxing” timer.  Just set a time and start a countdown.

This works well when you have a non-standard time period you need to work around that isn't part of your normal work time cycles. Just schedule it and follow it.


The Marinara Timer has several nice features:

  • It “remembers” any time-periods you define in the "Custom Timer".

  • You can customize the "alarm sound", or turn off the alarm entirely and just use a "screen notification".

  • You can also set it to “repeat the timer sequence”. This is helpful if you have a large amount of time available for performing your Pomodoros and want to continue to repeat your timer cycles.

Marinara Timer Custom Options

Marinara Timer Custom Options


At the bottom of the screen, you have two tabs:

The first tab displays your Current Pomodoro Schedule, so you know where you are in the cycle and what cycle is up next.

Marinara Timer - Current Period


The second tab displays your Timer History of completed Pomodoros. This is good to see how well you are performing

Marinara Timer - Timer History


There is even an option to “share your timer" with someone else. You can grant them "view access" to see your timer. Or you can give them "administrator" access to set your timers. (Although, I think having someone manage your Pomodoro’s is contrary to their entire purpose).

There are many different Pomodoro Timers and applications that are out there. But the Marinara Timer is one that I really like due to its simplicity and flexibility.

Do you use the Marinara Timer or another type of Pomodoro Timer?

Do you find them helpful?