Sharpening your Email Skills Infographic

Xverify How to Sharpen Your Email Skills Infographic

Xverify recently posted a great infographic about Ten Tips on how to send successful Emails.

Xverify, an Email Marketing and Validation Solution provider, recently contacted me about an infographic that they created entitled “How to Sharpen your Email Skills”.

It is a list of 10 practical “tips” on how to improve your Email communications:

  1. Make sure your email is written to match the intended audience.

  2. Use active voice to grab attention.

  3. Begin the email with the idea you’re trying to communicate.

  4. Choose an attention-getting subject line.

  5. Keep it simple and to the point.

  6. Maintain a professional but friendly tone.

  7. Consider whether it needs to be an email at all.

  8. Be prompt with your replies.

  9. Remember to follow up when necessary.

  10. Hold off on clicking “send.”

No matter what business you’re in, communication skills are important. Follow these tips for writing better emails and you’ll be able to craft emails that cut through the inbox clutter.

Here is the full Infographic, which you can find at Xverify's slideshare site.

Infographic courtesy of

Infographic courtesy of

There is a lot of good information in this infographic, and it parallels much of the Email Etiquette advice and top tips that you find on my site.

I hope you find it helpful - I know I did.