Email Management Tips and Tools Infographic

Quill infographic containing helpful Email Management Tips and Tools.

Quill recently created an infographic containing helpful Email Management Tips and Tools

Quill, a workplace and worker productivity site, has created a helpful infographic entitled “Super valuable email management tips and tools you can’t live without”.

It is a list of many of the same recommendations that I have been making on my site for some time, but is contained in an eye-catching infographic. Some of the key recommendations include:

  1. Process your Email at preset times instead of continually.

  2. Use an Email triage technique, such as the 4Ds Email processing method.

  3. Don’t use Email when another form of communication would be more appropriate.

  4. Organize your Email using Bullets and Numbering.

  5. Ensure your Email is clear as to its meaning and action items.

  6. Keep it simple and to the point.

  7. Ensure your Email is free of typos and errors before sending.

  8. It’s ok to avoid “thanks only” responses.

Considering an estimated two thirds of the emails in an average inbox are not important, regular inbox cleaning, archiving, and unsubscribing can do wonders.

Here is the full Infographic, which you can find at the blog.

There is a lot of good information in this infographic, and it parallels much of the Email Etiquette advice and top tips that you find on my site.

I hope you find it helpful - I know I did.