Levenger Circa Notebooks are now available on Amazon


Levenger Circa Notebooks

Now Available on Amazon!


I’m a big fan of Levenger’s Circa Notebook System, and have been using them for many years.  And I recently learned that many of the Circa system accessories are now available directly on Amazon, which makes ordering my refills much simpler.

When it comes down to taking notes in meeting or on conference calls, I’m a big fan of sticking with “analog devices” and use good old paper and pencil.  I did try using a “tablet device” back when they were all the rage, but found them to be too slow and distracting to use during meetings, so I switched back to taking my notes and organizing my “random thoughts” using good old “paper and ink”.

However, over the years, I quickly learned that a plain old notepad just didn’t do the trick. I needed something that I could “customize” and organize to fit my specific needs and whims. And I especially found that I needed to be able to add, remove, and “rearrange” pages as needed.

After trying out several different notebook systems and styles, I finally came across Levenger’s Circa Notebook system and was instantly hooked!

This is a highly flexible notebook system where you have the ability to easily add, remove, and relocate pages to different places in your notebook. Instead of a fixed binder or a traditional “3-ring" design, the Circa system uses a series of “circular discs”. The system uses custom paper that has “notches” that perfectly match to the discs. The shape of the notches allows you to easily add, remove, and “move” pages however you see fit.

It’s easier to “see” then to describe, so here is a quick picture.

Circa paper system

The only “downside” to the Levenger system was that you needed to purchase the items from the Levenger website directly.

However, I recently discovered that many of Levenger’s products are now available on Amazon!!

And although they do not (currently) offer “free” shipping through Amazon Prime on Levenger products, the shipping costs appear to be the same as when ordering directly from the Levenger site.  

I have also compared prices to Levenger’s own website, and the prices seem to be the same, and you can’t beat the ease of ordering from Amazon.  Now, Amazon doesn’t seem to have everything that is on the Levenger site, so if you want to look at all their products, I suggest you go directly to the Levenger website.

But for most of your routine needs, or for any time you need a “refill”, you can’t beat the ease of purchasing through Amazon… as you will see in some of the items I highlight below….

Levenger has a huge selection of different sizes and style notebooks..

Here is a sample of a few of them...

The one I use is a lot like this… just a simple but nice quality leather binder with a loop for a pen and a place to store some items in the inside cover…

I purchased some upscale binder discs, which look much nicer then the standard plastic discs.

The system works with a set of 11 “discs” that serve as both the binder and the way to insert and remove pages at will. Most notebooks come with small plastic discs, but I highly recommend you upgrade to either nice “tortise” ones that look great on brown notebooks, or to very strong silver or bronze, which work well on almost everything else and won’t break.

When you purchase the binder discs, you have a choice of either a 3/4”, 1”, and 1 1/2” size. I find that a 1” size works fine for my notebook needs, but you may need a different size depending upon how much you plan to store in your notebook.

I also use a handy little zippered organizer insert in the front of the notebook that works well for storing receipts or some misc. extra items (extra pen or pencil, etc.)

For paper, I use both the “Annotation Style” for my project planning, which has an open margin area on the left, and then a lined section on the right.. as well as good old full-paged ruled sheets for note taking.

And I also use the “To Do” list style sheets for managing my daily “to do” items and for logging any important calls I need to make or other key items I don’t want to forget..

And then I added in some “section tabs” to create logical sections of my notebook for different project categories.

And of course, I also have a Circa-style paper punch in my office so that I can quickly turn any regular paper pages into “circa-style” pages.

I plan to do a detailed article in the coming weeks on the Levenger system, and will even show how I have my notebook configured (if you can forgive my horrible handwriting!) but I wanted to at least let everyone know that this great system is now available on Amazon, which is a great help for when I want to order my refills.

Do you use the Levenger Circa System?

How do you use it in your productivity workflow?


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