Today is Information Overload Day

Information Overload Day 2016

Every year, the Information Overload Research Group (IORG) sponsors an annual Information Overload Day. This year, Information Overload Day is being held on Tuesday, October 18th.

The focus this year is on 5 simple Tips to Reduce Information Overload!

The 5 Information Overload Tips for 2016 are:

  1. I will not e-mail someone and then two seconds later follow up with an IM or phone call.

  2. I will refrain from combining multiple themes and requests in a single e-mail.

  3. I will make sure the subject of my e-mail clearly reflects both the topic and urgency of the missive.

  4. I will read my own e-mails before sending them to make sure they are comprehensible to others.

  5. I will not overburden colleagues with unnecessary e-mail, especially one word replies such as “Thanks!” or “Great!”, and will use “reply to all” only when absolutely necessary.

Information Overload causes people to lose their ability to manage thoughts and ideas, contemplate, and even reason and think. It has resulted in work days that never seem to end, completely destroying work/life balance.
— Jonathan Spira - Director of IORG

Please share these 5 simple Tips with your coworkers, friends, and peers.

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About IORG:

"We are a group of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies.  We are dedicated to reducing information overload, a problem that diminishes the productivity and quality of life of knowledge workers worldwide.  Our diverse set of members and single focus provide thought leadership and access to cutting-edge solutions and ideas, promote collaboration between industry and academia, and help shape the science of combating information overload."

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