Email Final Proof-Read Checklist


Email Final Proofread Checklist

Just like a pilot going through their pre-flight checklist, you can do the same for an Email.

Here is a quick checklist of 10 things to make sure are correct before you hit that “Send” button.

Email Final Proof-Read Checklist:

  1. Is an Email the best and most appropriate way to be communicating this information?

  2. Is the subject line clear and concise and related to the key topic?

  3. Are the right people included?  Are unnecessary people excluded?

  4. Is it well organized by using short paragraphs and bullet points?

  5. Is there enough detail to summarize the problem, but not overly long?

  6. Are all action items clear to each of the recipients?

  7. Is it professional in terms of formatting and language?

  8. Is it courteous in terms of word use and tone?

  9. Is it free of spelling, grammar, and syntax issues?

  10. Should I have a trusted team member perform a quick review of this before I send it out (especially important for sensitive or potentially emotional issues).

By running down through these questions for each Email, you can help reduce the chances of sending out Emails that are not needed, not properly organized, or that can result in confusion, miscommunication, or even potential legal issues.

Do you use an Email Checklist?

Are there any additional items that you check for?


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