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Email is now the dominant mode of business communication, and continues to grow in size, scope, and complexity.

Yet, despite Emails many beneficial features and practical uses, it can also be a highly challenging, frustrating, and sometimes downright maddening form of communication.

It often leads to feelings of Email overload, a situation where the volume of messages exceeds your ability to process them and results in the inability to review and respond to important information. Email overload has also been associated with issues such as processing errors, productivity loss and personal stress.

Although some have gone to the extreme step of declaring Email bankruptcy and forgoing all use of Email, this is not usually necessary (and not practical for most in the business environment). Instead, the application of select features, techniques, behaviors, and targeted training can result in a vast improvement of your Email skills and help you to take control of your inbox!


About me

Email Overload Solutions - ABOUT Michael Einstein

I am a full-time business technology professional for a large multi-national corporation, and have worked for several large firms across multiple industries in roles that blend business processes and technology solutions. 

I am also an Adjunct Professor in the MBA programs for several Universities, teaching Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Strategy, Business Statistics, and Operations Management.

I have worked with Email from its infancy as a simple communication tool utilized across mainframe computers, to its growth as both a personal and business communication tool, to its place as the dominant mode of communication today.

I hold an undergraduate degree (BS) in Computer Science, a graduate degree (MBA) in Information Technology, and a Doctorate (DBA) in Business.

My doctoral dissertation was on the intersection of Email processing skills, Email overload, and technology training, which was the motivation for me to build this site as a way for me to share my knowledge and passion for this topic.


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